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#6 Updates
Posted by ETH COMBO Staff / 2018-03-12

On approximately March 28 there will be a major miner update so you might need to check several days after that to see if everything is working. Refreshing the page is enough, you don't need to do anything!

We have also updated several small things and are now working on introducing new features!

#5 Faster Miner
Posted by ETH COMBO Staff / 2018-01-05

From now on you will get more spins for mining! We have decreased the difficulty and increased the payouts! Make sure you keep the miner running at all times in order to generate as many spins as possible! More updates coming soon!

#4 What's coming in 2018?
Posted by ETH COMBO Staff / 2018-01-04

We wish you happy 2018 and we also have some great news regarding ETH COMBO: soon we will roll out updates which will allow you to spend your balance in more ways and with lower thresholds! Stay tuned for amazing new features during the next months!

#3 Clarifiaction
Posted by ETH COMBO Staff / 2017-12-20

We would like to clarify that the main purpose of this website is simply to be a fun game with an additional possibility to earn rewards. It is not a gambling site and we DO NOT accept any kind of deposits to make sure you would not lose anything by entering and playing the games.

We are still developing the site so there might be mistakes or lack of features which are being corrected as we speak.

We are now introducing more ways to spend your balance even if you do not reach the threshold (e.g. link visits). Also, please note that "Winning rates depend on User's value (profit) given to the website: completed offers, mined hashes, clicked advertisements and so on. If this value is lower than minimum payout the system might temporarily decrease the winning rate for that User until the value increases." (Read more in ToS). Therefore, it means that the algorithm is not completely random as obviously otherwise the site would not be sustainable at all.

Even though we use several monetization methods, the prize pool does not grow as fast as many might think. The payouts from advertisements and offers are relatively small and mining gives absolutely miniscule returns and is only there as a fun test feature rather than a solid monetization method.

This is why some users see that their chances of winning decrease over time while at first they are quite high: if the system sees that the user continues winning but does not have generated enough value himself to compensate for the winnings, the rate temporarily decreases.

At the same time we introduce more features (like link visiting) where you can spend your balance even if you have not reached the threshold and your user value is low.

We hope this post makes it clear that ETH Combo should be looked at as a fun game and a way to spend your free time rather than certain earning oportunity. There is no guarantee that every user will get the reward.

We are now growing faster than expected and working hard on new methods to make sure you can spend your balance and enjoy playing the games.

#2 What's new?
Posted by ETH COMBO Staff / 2017-12-18

We have made many updates since the launch of this website. However, even more are coming your way so stay tuned! Soon we are planning to launch website visits system as well as other features to make ETH COMBO even more fun!

We have also fixed temporary issues with the website loading slowly during the weekend.

#1 Launching ETH COMBO
Posted by ETH COMBO Staff / 2017-11-20

We are launching!

Small updates.
Increased miner payout (decreased difficulty).
Many new updates.
Increased rewards for inviting!
Updated. New offers added.
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